Andy headshot

Andy Shelton (35)

Andy is a hedge fund manager golden boy who has lost some sheen and integrity since college.

He views people as possessions and holds secret resentments for those closest to him. Andy resents his wife, Liz, for her family's wealth that staked him at the beginning of his career, and because she wants him to be a father. He resents his oldest college friend, Jack, for his emotional depth and connection to Liz.

Jack Headshot

Jack Dimercurio (35)

Jack's an ivy-league educated, blue-collar guy from Buffalo, New York, who's trapped between both worlds. He's always felt like an outsider because he's been one.

Andy is Jack's best friend from college. Jack used to want to be like Andy back then. Maybe he still does.  Liz is the one person from college Jack felt understood him. Back then, Jack did his best to  protect Liz. But now he fears he cannot even protect her from himself.

Liz Headshot


Liz is a wannabe artist who questions her talent as she does the life she’s chosen.

As a child, the one place Liz felt home was her family's cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan. It was an escape into a world of fantasy. Deep down she knows she's been escaping her entire life out of fear there is nothing worthy inside. Men have often been a distraction. She hoped marrying Andy would provide her an identity. It did for awhile. In college, she used to like Jack's attention. But now, that attention won't save her.

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